Wed. 5/9: The LAPD’s May Day Riot

HAROLD MEYERSON talks about the LAPD’s May Day riot in MacArthur Park, and the tide of troubles rising around George Bush—Harold is an op-ed columnist for the Washington Post and executive editor of The American Prospect.

Also: The “Frozen Chosen:” MICHAEL CHABON won the Pulitzer Prize for The Amazing Adventures of Cavalier and Clay – now after seven years he’s back with another one that’s wildly imaginative and dazzling fun, The Yiddish Policemen’s Union. In the wake of WWII, the US permits immigrant Jews to settle in Sitka, Alaska (which was in fact proposed by FDR) after the defeat of the nascent state of Israel. Our hero is detective Meyer Landsman, “a noz for 18 years,” “a prince of policemen,” and “a crazy little Jew with a question and a gun.”
Michael Chabon will be speaking in the ALOUD series at the downtown LA Public Library Wed. at 7pm—and at Book Soup on Sunset Strip Thurs. at 7.

Plus: THE AGE OF BETRAYAL: THE TRIUMPH OF MONEY IN AMERICA is the new book by JACK BEATTY. He says “This book tells the saddest story: how, having redeemed democracy in the Civil War, America betrayed it in the Gilded Age.” In the late 19th century, business men like Jay Gould manipulated the American government and oppressed the common man. Of course nothing like that exists today.
Jack Beatty is a senior editor at The Atlantic Monthly and winner of the American Book Award.