Wed. 5/2: Israel: A Palestinian View

ISRAEL: A PALESTINIAN VIEW. SARI NUSSEIBEH is a leading Palestinian intellectual and political figure, a long-time advocate of a two-state solution, and the PLO’s chief representative in Jerusalem in 2001. He is president of Al Quds University, the only Arab university in Jerusalem. His new book is Once Upon a Country: A Palestinian Life. He’ll talk about the July War in Lebanon, Israel’s Gaza pullout, and the recent electoral victory of Hamas.
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Also: LENI RIEFENSTAHL: she was Hitler’s filmmaker. Her “Triumph of the Will” and “Olympia” are seen  by many as our greatest documentaries.
She and her defenders have long claimed that her art transcended politics, that she devoted her life to Beauty, and that, in the words of critic John Simon, she is “the greatest woman filmmaker ever.” But STEVEN BACH found the facts about her passionate enthusiasm for Hitler and the way that shaped her “art.” His new book is LENI: THE LIFE AND WORK OF LENI RIEFENSTAHL. Steven Bach will be reading and signing Leni in the ALOUD series at the downtown LA Public Library Wed at 7pm. The event is “Standby Only.”
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