Wed. 4/25: Ry Cooder: “We’ll Never Turn Back”

RY COODER has a new album out: MAVIS STAPLES”We’ll Never Turn Back,” reinterpretations of classic songs of the Civil Rights movement. “When I listen to this music, it takes me back. It takes me back to the red clay hills of Georgia . . . It takes me back to the moans and groans and pains of an oppressed people yearning for freedom. It takes me back to the time when hundreds and thousands of us decided we were “sick and tired of being sick and tired,” as Fannie Lou Hamer said.”—John Lewis.

Also: The Los Angeles Times Festival of Books is this Saturday and Sunday at the UCLA Campus – we’ll get a preview from DAVID ULIN, editor of the Los Angeles Times Book Review, and also talk about the changes at the Book Review and the paper. At the BookFest Dave will be doing a Q&A with Jane Smiley Sunday at 1230 in Ackerman —
–and I’ll be doing a Q&A with GORE VIDAL Saturday at 100pm in Royce Hall—tickets are officially “sold out” but there will be a standby line.

Plus: JOHN SINCLAIR, a champion of justice, art, and fun. He was manager of the MC5 in their 1960s street revolutionary heyday, pot/political prisoner, and subject of a John Lennon song decrying his incarceration. After he won an early release, he produced the Ann Arbor Blues & Jazz Festival, and did a long stint in New Orleans in the ’90s as radio deejay. Now his 1960s classic book Guitar Army is being reissued. John will be headlining an evening of high-energy music & verse at 8:00pm Thurs, Apr 26, at Artshare Theater, 801 E. 4th Place in downtown LA, and Friday at 730 at Beyond Baroque, 681 Venice Blvd. in Venice.