KPFK Wed. 2/6: Can Obama beat Clinton?

Our day-after analysis of Clinton v. Obama on Super Tuesday: Clinton 52% Obama 42% in California; total delegates: Clinton 803, Obama 742.

HAROLD MEYERSON on the Republicans: he says in today’s Washington Post, “McCain’s victories have chiefly been a triumph of biography over ideology.” Last night demonstrated “the bankruptcy of the conservative agenday and political strategy that have steered the Republicans for many years.”

HillaryJOHN NICHOLS on the Democrats: he says at that white men split their votes evenly between the woman and the black man; women were for Hillary, blacks for Obama; that means the deciding votes were Latino – they went for Clinton 2-1 nationally and 73% in California.

And we’ll put it in historical context with MICHAEL KAZIN of Georgetown U. -his most recent book is A Godly Hero: The Life of William Jennings Bryan.

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