Wed. 2/28: Eyewittness Iraq

An eyewitness report from Iraq: filmmaker Laura Poitras talks about her award-winning documentary “My Country My Country” – it tells the story of a Sunni activist-doctor named Riyadh — an opponent of the occupation, a clear-thinking, educated everyman on a quiet crusade in Baghdad to heal whatever damage he can, and to get Sunnis to vote in Iraq’s 2005 elections.

It’s “the definitive non-fiction film about the occupation of Iraq: indispensable, heartbreaking, and ferociously wise.
Time and again, Poitras manages to be where platoons of US telejournalists were afraid to go . . . the most valuable piece of film to emerge about the war in all of its three-plus years.” – Michael Atkinson, The Village Voice. The film was nominated for the Oscar for Best Documentary.

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