Wed. 2/21: Mike Davis: A history of the car bomb

MIKE DAVIS talks about his new book Buda’s Wagon: A Brief History of the Car Bomb – it’s our featured premium in the KPFK fund drive today. Reviewer John Leonard praised the book in the new Harper’s for its “savage sarcasm. . . As usual with Davis, this brilliant little book tells us things we’d rather not hear. One the one hand, the use of the car bomb, with its collateral damage to civilians, invariably corrupts the cause for which it has been enlisted; nothing excuses the death of children. On the other hand, add suicide to fertilizer and it’s a tactic we can’t beat, an equalizer for the deracinated and deranged alike.”

We’ll also be featuring the brand new “Bob Dylan: Don’t Look Back/’65 Tour Deluxe Edition” DVD, featuring an hour of special features, including commentary from filmmaker D.A. Pennebaker and more music from the tour.
Robert Hilburn in the LA Times wrote, “the greatest rock movie ever . . . just got better.”