Wed. 2/14: “The US vs. John Lennon” on DVD

It’s the KPFK fund drive, today cohosting with Suzi Weissman, and featuring the new DVD, “The US vs. John Lennon,” during the hour.
“The U.S. vs. John Lennon” tells the story of Lennon’s transformation from loveable moptop to anti-war activist, and recounts the facts about Nixon’s campaign to deport him in 1972. With Walter Cronkite, Gore Vidal, Mario Cuomo, George McGovern, Angela Davis, Bobby Seale, G. Gordon Liddy, Yoko Ono, and Jon Wiener–and archival footage of Richard Nixon, J. Edgar Hoover, and John Lennon.

We’ll also be featuring the soundtrack CD from the documentary, and the book on which the documentary was based: Gimme Some Truth: The John Lennon FBI Files – and also the 2-CD audio documentary from the Pacifica Archives, “John Lennon: The Political and the Personal,” featuring interviews with, among others, Pete Seeger and Abbie Hoffman.