Wed. 1/3: Iraq Apocalypse

Iraq Apocalypse: JUAN COLE reports on the rising tide of political violence following the grisly execution of Saddam Hussein — with Shiite observers chanting “Moktada, Moktada!” the name of the cleric whose death squads have “made an indescriminate industry of killing Sunnis” (New York Times). Juan Cole writes a column for and the indespensible Iraq blog “Informed Comment.”

Gay L. A.: A History of Sexual Outlaws, Power Politics, And Lipstick Lesbians READ “Top ten ways the US enabled Saddam Hussein” by Juan Cole

Also: GAY L.A.: LILLIAN FADERMAN and STUART TIMMONS talk about the history and politics of sexual outlaws from the 1920s to the present: the LAPD’s 80-year reputation as the nation’s most homophobic police force, the remarkably free lives of Hollywood lesbians in the 1930s, and the rise of gay politics in the 1960s. Lillian Faderman is the award-winning author of numerous books including Odd Girls and Twilight Lovers; Stuart Timmons’s biography of gay movement founder Harry Hay became a Book of the Month Club selection. Their book is Gay L.A.: A History of Sexual Outlaws, Power Politics, and Lipstick Lesbians.

Palestine: Peace Not ApartheidPlus: JIMMY CARTER and the Jews: leading Jewish organizations and spokespeople have attacked Jimmy Carter’s new book Palestine: Peace not Apartheid. CAMERA, for example, says “Jimmy Carter Distorts Facts, Demonizes Israel,” and Alan Dershwitz calls the book “indecent.” AMY WILENTZ will comment – she was Jerusalem correspondent for the New Yorker, and wrote an award-winning novel, Martyr’s Crossing, about Palestinians and Israelis.

More stuff to read: my new piece “America’s Complicity in Saddam’s Crimes” at