KPFK 12/5: Arguing About Gitmo

Today the Supreme Court hears arguments in what may be the most important constitutional case of the decade: whether the men detained at Guantanamo have a right to a fair trial before a real court. ERWIN CHEMERINKSY will comment – he has been named dean of the new UC Irvine law school, and he represents one of the Gitmo detainees whose case is before the court.
Read about the case at The Center for Constitutional Rights
Watch the video that Fox News refused to run

Also: Have the Democrats already blown the biggest swing state? BOB MOSER reports on Florida politics – he’s been writing for The Nation about the Democrats’ efforts to win back the South in 2008.

Plus: When politics worked in California: JESSE UNRUH ran the state’s Democratic party at mid-century, before term limits and lavish campaign spending – he was a fighting populist who wrote civil rights and education laws that were well ahead of their time. BILL BOYARSKY will explain – his new book is Big Daddy: Jesse Unruh and the Art of Power Politics. Bill was an award-winning reporter and editor for the LA Times for 30 years; now he teaches at USC and is covering the primaries for TruthDig.