KPFK Wed 12/24: Xmas Eve Special: Hitchens on God

The war on Christmas continues!  CHRISTOPHER HITCHENS says “Religion poisons everything.”  You say religion might not be true, but it provides comfort in the face of suffering and death?  Hitchens replies: “How contemptible.” His number one best-seller is God Is Not Great. (Originally broadcast 5/30/07.)

Plus: Your Minnesota Moment: In honor of Al Franken’s Senate recount, we revisit our interview with him about Rush Limbaugh: “You’ve got to have compassion,” Al says. (Originally broadcast 10/22/02.)

Also: The best of 2008: The Dark Side” – that’s where Dick Cheney said we would have to go to “achieve our objectives” in the White House’s war on terror. JANE MAYER investigated what “the dark side” really means. Her conclusion: “the dark side” violated the constitution and American freedoms, and also made it harder to pursue Al Qaeda.  Her award-winning book is The Dark Side.  (Originally broadcast 9/3/08.)