KPFK 11/7: Paul Krugman on Hillary

“We hope we’re about to elect FDR,” New York Times op-ed columnist PAUL KRUGMAN says, “but we might be about to elect Grover Cleveland.” He said he was referring to the front-runner, Hillary Clinton. Krugman’s new book is The Conscience of a Liberal; I spoke with him at ALOUD at Central Library, a free series at the Los Angeles Public Library presented by the Library Foundation of Los Angeles, and we will broadcast highlights of that conversation.

ALSO: Bush’s policies on “fighting terrorism” have made us not only less free, but also less safe: that’s what DAVID COLE says. He’s a law professor at Georgetown U, a contributor to and The Nation. His new book is LESS SAFE, LESS FREE: Why America is Losing the War on Terror.

Plus: REPORTING IRAQ: what the key journalists have to say about the “good news,” and the bad. We’ll speak with JOHN PALATTELLA, co-editor, along along with Mike Hoyt and the staff of the Columbia Journalism Review, of Reporting Iraq: An Oral history of the War by the Journalists who Covered it. John has written for the L.A. Times Book Review and the Washington Post Book World, and he’s the new literary editor at The Nation.

More stuff to read: my piece at the Huffington Post: “NYT’s Krugman: Hillary — The Next Grover Cleveland”?