KPFK 11/21: The Squandering of America

Once upon a time America was both prosperous and relatively equitable. But that economy was captured by a financial elite when Reagan became president, and the Democrats have failed to fight back. ROBERT KUTTNER argues that we need to rebuild the “equalizing institutions” that set limits on markets in labor, stocks and technologies. Kuttner is the founder and coeditor of The American Prospect; his new book is THE SQUANDERING OF AMERICA: How the failure of our Politics Undermines our Prosperity. Kuttner will be speaking Mon Nov. 26, 8pm at Town Hall’s Writers Bloc in UCLA’s Melnitz Hall in conversation with Arianna Huffington .

Also: The Weather Underground bombed hundreds of sites, but killed only their own members – three of them, in a bomb-making accident, at the Greenwich Village townhouse explosion in 1970. CATHY WILKERSON survived that explosion and escaped, got onto the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted list, lived underground for years, then emerged as a citizen, mother, and teacher. Her new book is Flying Close to the Sun: My Life and Times as a Weatherman.
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Plus: American economic domination didn’t always bring hell to the Third World. Before Reagan, the US ran a politically savvy empire that brought a modicum of economic growth to poor countries. That’s what ALICE AMSDEN argues – she teaches political economy at MIT and wrote ESCAPE FROM EMPIRE: The Developing World’s Journey Through Heaven and Hell.

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