Wed. 1/10: Barbara Ehrenreich on Collective Joy

Dancing in the Streets: A History of Collective Joy LISTEN TO THIS SHOW ONLINESUBSCRIBE TO PODCAST
says “fight for your right to party!” In her new book Dancing in the Streets she talks about the human inclination for collective joy, expressed through the ages in ecstatic celebrations of feasting, costuming, and dancing—and how that desire has been suppressed in modern society.
Barbara will be speaking at the downtown LA Public Library next Tues, Jan. 16, at 7pm in the “ALOUD” series.

Plus: President Bush tonight calls for more US troops to be sent to Iraq: JOHN NICHOLS will comment – he’s Washington correspondent for The Nation and writes “The Online Beat” blog at

The History of Havana (Palgrave Essential Histories)Also: Dick Cluster and Rafael Hernandez talk about their new book The History of Havana: “a historical crossroad of the New World, a stage of scenic architecture, rhythmic sound-scapes, remarkable artistic genius, foreign invasions, struggles for personal and national freedom and independence – today a vibrant, complex world-renowned city, in a new global moment, creating its future in the throes of the fall of the Soviet Union, the lure and hooks of tourism, natural disasters, and the challenges of Empire” — Harry Belafonte.

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