Wed. 10/3: Seymour Hersh: Targeting Iran

Legendary investigative reporter SEYMOUR HERSH says the White House has changed the targets it plans to attack in Iran. Bush and Cheney have concluded that the public didn’t believe their claims about Iranian nukes, so instead they have targeted the Revolutionary Guard Corps – arguing that they are attacking Americans in Iraq. Hersh broke the story of the My Lai massacre – his report “Shifting Targets” appears in The New Yorker this week. Hersh will be speaking at UCLALive’s Royce Hall Thurs at 8pm — tickets/info at

Also: Why millions of Americans are looking forward to the end of the world Nicholas Guyatt’s light-hearted report “from the front line of wacky religious fervor” (Observer). His book is HAVE A NICE DOOMSDAY. Guyatt teaches at Simon Fraser U. and writes for the London Review of Books.

supercapitalismPlus: SUPERCAPITALISM: ROBERT REICH says we need to revive the democratic process to bring capitalism under control – with fair taxation, well-funded public education, and organized trade unions. Reich was Secretary of Labor under President Clinton, and now teaches public policy at Berkeley. He’s speaking Thurs. nite at 730pm at Town Hall Writers Bloc in Westwood.

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