Wed. 10/17: Michael Moore’s SiCKO on DVD

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Health care may turn out to be a bigger issue in the 2008 elections than Iraq, and the case for universal health care is presented with wit and skill in MICHAEL MOORE’s movie ‘SiCKO.’  Kenneth Turan of the LA Times called “SiCKO” Moore’s “most important, most impressive, most provocative film.” We’ll be featuring the brand new DVD of “SiCKO” as a fund drive premium.
Watch the trailer for “SiCKO”

Also: EVIL PARADISES, edited by Mike Davis and Daniel Bertrand Monk, is a global guidebook to real places that claim to be “utopias” in a capitalist era unfettered by unions or governments. These are worlds where consumption and inequality surpass our worst nightmares. Featured in the book: my essay on Ted Turner’s utopia — two million acres with no people; just him and his herd of bison. We”ll be featuring Evil Paradises as a fund drive premium.

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