Trump’s voting commission fiasco: John Nichols; plus ‘Our Dishonest President” and Young voters and old socialists.

45 out of 50 of the state governments are resisting Trump’s voting commission, headed by Mike Pence and Kris Kobach – even the red states. And the five others are not complying; they simply haven’t decided yet. It’s pretty amazing — John Nichols comments, HERE.
Also: The LA Times series of editorials about Trump, titled “Our Dishonest President,” was published as a book on July 4. When they first appeared online they got more than seven million page views. Nick Goldberg, editor of the paper’s editorial pages, explains what the series argued, and why it was such a success.
Plus: young people are voting – for old socialists – in many countries. Why is that? Sarah Leonard has some answers; she wrote about it for the New York Times op-ed page.
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