Trump in Trouble: Harold Meyerson; plus Katha Pollitt on Motherhood, and Farah Griffin on Aretha

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Trump’s attorney Michael Cohen pled guilty on Tuesday to many crimes of bank fraud and tax fraud, but there were two really significant ones: payments of hush money to porn star Stormy Daniels (real name, Stephanie Clifford) and Playboy model Karen McDougal–on orders of the president. Harold Meyerson of The American Prospect comments.
Also: Around the world, mothers and pregnant women are undervalued, discriminated against, and punished.  We talk with Katha Pollitt about how most of it has nothing to do with Donald Trump — indeed Bill Clinton and the Pope bear more responsibility.
Plus: Farah Griffin of Columbia University comments on Aretha and Angela, and Aretha and Obama. 8/23/18