Tom Frank: Our Rigged Colleges – KPFK 7/25

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TOM FRANK asks the question: “Given the rigged, rotten nature of the higher-ed game, why would people play by the rules?”  The answer: lots don’t.  Tom wrote about fake degrees and phony college credentials — and their larger social and cultural significance — for his column in the August issue of Harper’s.

Plus: the fight for MOCA, the Museum of Contemporary Art in LA — it’s not a battle between “populists” and “aesthetes”; it’s a takeover by the corporate mentality CHRISTOPHER KNIGHT explains — he’s art critic for the LA Times and he blogs at Culture Monster.

Also : PETER EDELMAN is one of my heroes — he resigned from the Clinton adminstration in protest against Clinton’s treatment of the poor in “the abolition of welfare as we know it.”   Today he talks about how we can end poverty in America now – and what’s stopping us. 
Peter’s new book is So Rich, So Poor: Why It’s Hard to End Poverty in America.