Tom Frank on Paying for College: KPFK 5/16

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What should young people do when faced with the ruinous cost of college Mitt Romney has the answer: don’t ask the government to help, but instead “shop around” to find the best deal in the marketplace of educational choice.  TOM FRANK says “massive indebtedness changes a person, maybe even more than a college education does.”   Tom wrote about student debt for the June issue of Harper’s; his new book is Pity the Billionaire.

Also: A PEOPLE’S GUIDE TO LOS ANGELES – the indispensable new book – offers an assortment of eye-opening alternatives to L.A.’s usual tourist destinations. It documents 115 little-known sites in LA where people have fought for equality and justice.  Co-author LAURA PULIDO will explain – she is s Professor of American Studies and Ethnicity at USC.  A People’s Guide is our featured thank-you gift in the KPFK fund drive today – please call and pledge during the show: 818-985-5735.