Tom Frank: How did the Right do it? KPFK 2/8

TOM FRANK “the sharpest, funniest political commentator on the scene,” says Barbara Ehrenreich – has a new book out: Pity the Billionaire: The Hard-Times Swindle and the Unlikely Comeback of the Right.  It’s “a brilliant exposé of the most breath-taking ruse in American political history: how the right turned the biggest capitalist breakdown since 1929 into an opportunity for themselves.”

We’ll also be talking with Tom Frank also about the feature-length documentary “What’s the Matter with Kansas?”, based on his book with the same title.  Kansas was once one of the most left-wing states in the country; now it’s one of the most right-wing.  What happened? Roger Ebert named the film one of the Ten Best Documentaries of the year.

And we’ll also talk with Tom about The Baffler, the magazine he founded and edited.  “The Journal that Blunts the Cutting Edge.”  The Baffler is back!  coming in March: special issue on the elections, featuring Tom Frank, Barbara Ehrenreich, and Rick Perlstein.

It’s the KPFK spring fund drive, and this hour we will be featuring the TOM FRANK SUPER-PACK (or is it “Super-PAC”?): the DVD of his documentary “What’s the Matter with Kansas?”, his new book Pity the Billionaire; and a one-year subscription to his magazine, The Baffler. Please call and pledge during the show: 818-985-5735.