Those Crazy Conservatives: KPFK 3/21

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Were conservatives always this crazy? Only 12 percent of Mississippi Republicans believe Barack Obama is a Christian.  And of course there’s Rush Limbaugh.  But RICK PERLSTEIN says this is nothing new;  “they’ve been this crazy for a long time.” Rick is the author of the classic Nixonland and writes a column for

Plus: Mitt Romney won the Illinois primary last night; he also says Obama wants higher gas prices and Obama has hurt, rather than helped, the current economic recovery.  HAROLD MEYERSON will comment — he writes a a column for the Washington Post op-ed page and is editor-at-large of The American Prospect.

Also: sometimes ordinary people fight injustice; sometimes whistleblowers refuse to sell toxic products.  EYAL PRESS looks at unlikely resisters demonstrating different kinds of moral courage.  His new book is BEAUTIFUL SOULS: Saying No, Breaking Ranks, and Heeding the Voice of Conscience in Dark Times.