The Boston Marathon Bombing–Lessons from the 1995 Oklahoma City Bombing: KPFK 4/17

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The Boston Marathon Bombing
: ANDREW GUMBEL, the author and journalist, says the pressure on investigators to find the guilty can easily lead to mistakes, overhasty conclusions, and turf fights between agencies over credit for key breaks in the case.  His book OKLAHOMA CITY: What the Investigation Missed–and Why It Still Matters is out now in paperback.

Also: Mr. Dyanamite, the amazing Mr. Please Please himself: James Brown — RJ SMITH talks about the life and music of the godfather of soul. His book THE ONE is out now in paperback – it’s been nominated for the LA Times Book Award in Biography.  He will be speaking at the Book Festival at USC  Saturday at 12:30.  PLAYLIST: “Please please please”: “intro” to “Live at the Apollo”; “Papa’s Got a Brand New Bag”; “Say It Loud”; “Sex Machine.”

Plus: VICTOR NAVASKY on the strange power of political cartoons.   Cartoonists have been censored, threatened, jailed, and even murdered for their art–why is that?   David Levine’s “Kissinger Screwing the World” (left) is the only thing to provoke a staff uprising at The Nation during the 25 years Navasky was editor.  Why was that?  Navasky’s new book is THE ART OF CONTROVERSY: Political Cartoons and Their Enduring Power.  He will be speaking at the LA Times Festival of Books at USC Saturday in Hoffman Hall at 3pm.