The Real Romney–and the Real Obama: KPFK 9/5

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Today we have a special Democratic National Convention broadcast: TOM FRANK says that, even though Obama continued Bush’s TARP, Bush’s secrecy policies, and Bush’s drone program, and adopted Romney’s health care proposals, the Republicans have denounced him as a “socialist.”  Tom writes the “Easy Chair” column for Harper’s.

Plus: HAROLD MEYERSON says 100 years ago the political challenge to the power of great wealth was more significant than it is today — look at Teddy Roosevelt in 1912: he fought for a federal minimum wage, an end to child labor and federal insurance that covered “the hazards of sickness, accident, invalidism, involuntary unemployment and old age.”   Also:  a legal right for workers to unionize.  Harold writes for the Washington Post op-ed page and The American Prospect.

Also:  The Real Romney – SCOTT HELMAN of the Boston Globe may know more about Mitt Romney than anybody else in journalism – he’ll talk about the things Romney himself won’t: Romney and Bain Capital, Romney in Massachusetts politics, and Romney as a Mormon.  He’s co-author of  The Real Romney, out now in paperback.