The People’s Climate March: KPFK 9/17

LISTEN online HERE — iTunes podcast HERE
This Sunday New York City will be the site of the largest march in history for climate action—100,000 people. As part of the march, our hero NAOMI KLEIN is releasing her first book in seven years: This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. The Climate. JOHN POWERS will comment: he interviewed Naomi for Vogue this month.
WATCH the trailer for This Changes Everything HEREREAD Naomi in The Nation HERE.  SEE Naomi at the Hammer in Westwood 9/30, info HERE.
Plus: ANDREW BACEVICH has grim & eloquent critique of our military system—he was an army officer for 23 years and now teaches at Boston U.  His book Breach of Trust: How Americans Failed their Soldiers & Their Country is out now in paperback. READ Rachel Maddow’s review in the NY Times Book Review, HERE.
Also: trouble in Wisconsin: a panel of Republican judges reinstated the voter-ID law which had been thrown out by a lower court after careful scrutiny of its effects. JOHN NICHOLS of The Nation will explain – he’s in Scotland covering the vote on independence.