Terry Gross: All I Did was Ask: KPFK 6/27

TERRY GROSS of NPR’s “Fresh Air” is heard by more than 4 million listeners on more than 400 stations.  She talks about what went wrong in her interviews with Hillary Clinton, Nancy Reagan, and Bill O’Reilly.  Her book, All I Did was Ask: Conversations with Writers, Actors, Musicians and Artists, is out now in paperback.  (originally broadcast 2/2006)

Also: REBECCA SKLOOT talks about how racism, poverty and science came together in the case of  a poor black woman whose cells—taken without her knowledge—became one of the most important tools in medicine.  Rebecca’s best-selling book is THE IMMORTAL LIFE OF HENRIETTA LACKS.  (originally broadcast April, 2010)

And: Barack Obama’s mother, the amazing Ann Dunham: she married a black man – Barack Obama Sr. — when she was 18, then he left her after Barack Jr. was born; she got him into the best school in Honolulu, and then she left for Java and worked with poor women in the third world for more than a decade.  JANNY SCOTT of the NY Times tells that story – her book is A SINGULAR WOMAN–it’s out now in paperback.  (originally broadcast  July 2011)