Surveillance Capitalism: Judith Coburn; John Nichols on the Florida Primary & Gary Younge on How Dems Can Win

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After 40 years as a war correspondent in Indochina and then an investigative journalist, Judith Coburn became a private investigator, working mostly with death penalty defense cases. We talk with her about Surveillance Capitalism in the Age of Trump.
Next, Florida’s general election for governor will feature two candidates who could not be more different: Andrew Gillum, a black progressive, and Ron DeSantis, “a fully ‘Trumpacized'” conservative — John Nichols reports.
Plus: We might have reached peak-Trump, but Gary Younge says, “if Dems want to win, they’ve got to motivate their base.”  Gary of course is a columnist for The Nation and a fellow at The Nation Institute as well as an award-winning writer for The Guardian. 8/29/18