Skip Gates on Being Black: KPFK Wed. 8-10

is the Harvard professor of African American studies who had that “beer summit” at the White House with President Obama and the Cambridge cop who arrested him for breaking into his own house.  He talks about what it means to be “black” in Latin America — and about that White House meeting.  Skip’s new book is Black in Latin America.

We’ll also have a KPFK Sports report!  Views from left field — of pro football’s “concussion culture,” the way sex is used to sell women’s sports, and how NFL players beat owners in their latest battle – DAVE ZIRIN explains all — and all of these are stories in the Nation magazine’s new sports issue, and Dave is the guest editor.   He blogs at

Plus the media’s role in the fate of the world: MARIA ARMOUDIAN has the bad news about the media’s role in promoting genocide and war – and she also has some good news about places where the media contributed to reconciliation and justice.  Maria has written for the New York Times, the L.A. Times, Salon, and The Progressive .  And she’s the host and producer of Pacifica Radio programs The the Scholars’ Circle and the Insighters, heard here on KPFK Sundays at noon.  Her new book is KILL THE MESSENGER.