‘Selma’ & Voting Rights–in 1965, and now: KPFK 1/14

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The film Selma and the fight for the right to vote – in 1965, and now
: ARI BERMAN of The Nation comments. He’s an Investigative Journalism Fellow at The Nation Institute, is working on a book about voting rights since 1965.

Plus:  Much of the film Selma is based on the work of historian TAYLOR BRANCH.  We’ll speak with him about Selma in his book At Canaan’s Edge: Martin Luther King 1965-1968.

Also: Obama’s liberal apologists: TOM FRANK says they helped torpedo change and make the Democrats safe for Wall Street–and it didn’t have to be that way. Tom writes a column for Salon.com.

And we’ll also revisit a conversation with GARRISON KEILLOR—he says it’s time for all of us to become Republicans.