Romney Father & Son: Rick Perlstein on KPFK 1/17

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What Mitt Romney learned from his father
, the liberal Republican star George Romney: RICK PERLSTEIN analyzes how the son was scarred for life by his father’s defeat in 1968. Rick now writes for Rolling Stone; he’s the author of the classics Nixonland and Before The Storm.

Also: Wisconsin Democrats submitted one million signatures on the petitition recalling Gov. Scott Walker – almost twice the number required. JOHN NICHOLS reports from Madison – he’s Washington correspondent for The Nation and a frequent guest on MSNBC.

Plus: One woman’s quest for social justice in America, from the courtroom to the kill zones: CONNIE RICE is the activist hero who led in transforming the LAPD. Her new book is POWER CONCEDES NOTHING.
Connie will be reading and signing her book Thursday at 7pm at Vroman’s, 695 E. Colorado Blvd. in Pasadena.