Robert Mueller’s GOP Defenders: Bob Dreyfuss; plus News about Bernie w/Benjamin Wallace-Wells & Katha Pollitt’s Advice to the Anxious

How come Trump has stopped hinting about firing Robert Mueller?  Maybe it’s because Mueller has a growing number of supporters among Republicans. Robert Dreyfuss reports.  Plus the news about the FBI raiding Paul Manafort’s house–and what it means for Jared Kushner.
Also: Bernie has been busy: Benjamin Wallace-Wells has been travelling with Bernie Sanders, who has done rallies in more than a dozen states over the last few weeks.  He’s pretty much won the Democratic Party to his agenda — but is there a Democrat who can run in his place in 2020?
And Katha Pollitt has some advice for the anxious and the depressed among us on how to survive the coming months of the the Age of Trump.  It’s all based on her advanced non-scientific survey.
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