Report from Fukushima: KPFK 5/9

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Report from Fukushima: REBECCA SOLNIT visited the disaster zone in northern Japan.  “Disasters in the West are often compounded by the belief that human beings instantly revert to savagery in a calamity,” she says.  “But in Japan, the greater problem seems to be conformity.”  Rebecca wrote a Fukushima diary for the London Review of Books.  She’s the author of A Paradise Built in Hell: The Extraordinary Communities that Arise in Disaster.

Plus: Tomorrow night, 5/10, George Clooney will host an Obama fundraiser at his house in Laurel Canyon – it’s the biggest presidential fundraiser in history, $12 million, and demonstrators will be there, calling for more aggressive action to prevent foreclosures.  PEGGY MEARNS of the Campaign for a Fair Settlement will explain – the message to Obama is “Keep Americans in our houses, and we’ll keep you in yours.”

Also: Politics and economics: HAROLD MEYERSON says “the good times are gone – long-term prosperity may be a thing of the past.”  Harold writes a column for the Washington Post op-ed page and is editor-at-large of The American Prospect.