Rachel Kushner on “The Flamethrowers”: KPFK 1/29

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Art, revolution, and motorcycles—and a girl called “Reno”:
they’re all in RACHEL KUSHNER’s glorious novel The Flamethrowers.  It was a finalist for the National Book Award and a New York Times bestseller, and it’s out now in paperback.

Plus: Edward Snowden: hero, or traitor?  DAVID COLE says “Consider what we have learned from Snowden’s leaks and the further government disclosures that they prompted.”  David wrote about Edward Snowden—and Chelsea Manning and Julian Assange – for the New York Review.

Also: JOHN NICHOLS on Obama’s State of the Union—right on wages, wrong on trade—and on our hero Pete Seeger, who died Monday.  John is Washington Correspondent for The Nation.