Protesting the Worst Voter ID Law: KPFK 7/31

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North Carolina
has passed the country’s worst voter ID bill.  It’s provoked widespread protest: thousands have marched in  the “Moral Monday” movement, and more than 700 have been arrested. We will talk to two of them, both history professors in North Carolina, both former presidents of the Organization of American Historians: JACQUELYN DOWD HALL of UNC-Chapel Hill and WILLIAM CHAFE of Duke. READ their op-ed about being arrested: HERE.

Also: “Life and Death in Assisted Living”: the shocking story of  the multi-billion dollar for-profit elder care industry.  We’ll speak with investigative reporter A.C. THOMPSON on the revelations from ProPublica and PBS FrontlineWATCH the Frontline documentary by Carl Byker HERE.

Plus: “The Act of Killing” is a chilling  documentary about the death squads in Indonesia that killed more than a million people in 1965.  In the film, some of the leading executioners reenact real-life mass-killings for our benefit—in the style of the Hollywood movies they love.  The film is playing now in LA at the Nuart, and moves to the Landmark on Friday. We’ll speak with filmmaker JOSHUA OPPENHEIMER. WATCH “The Act of Killing” trailer HERE.

Today’s news from Edward Snowden & Glenn Greewald: XKeyscore,
the NSA tool collects ‘nearly everything a user does on the internet’ —  HERE.