Post-debate exuberance in Hillaryland: John Nichols on KPFK

For our political update today, we’ll talk with John Nichols about the world after the great debate on Monday night: the exuberance and feeling of triumph among Clinton supporters.

Also: a new documentary about a chilling disaster at a Titan II missile complex in Arkansas in September, 1980, where the most powerful nuclear warhead in our arsenal nearly was detonated.  We’ll speak with award-winning director Robbie Kenner and the writer Eric Schlosser about “Command and Control”–the film opens Friday at the Nuart in LA and is rolling out across America.

Plus: the death penalty in California.  Voters here will face TWO death penalty initiatives on the November ballot – Prop 62 would abolish the death penalty, while Prop. 66 attempts to quote “fix” it make it work faster.  Stephen Rohde says “Yes on 62, Nix on 66!”