Our Afghan Failure: KPFK Wed. 3/14

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TOM HAYDEN says “the people of Afghanistan don’t want us there; our troops can’t defend a country that doesn’t like us, and therefore the time has come for us to leave.”  Tom wrote about “The Failure of Gradualism in Afghanistan” today for TheNation.com.

Also:  In the fascinating spectacle of the Republican primaries, Alabama and Missippi voted yesterday—and Mitt Romney faced a devastating defeat, coming in third – far behind Rick Santorum, who won both. JOHN NICHOLS will comment – he blogs for TheNation.com and his new book is Uprising: How Wisconsin Renewed the Politics of Protest, from Madison to Wall Street.

Plus: Watergate is the terrific new novel by THOMAS MALLON, where he imagines what “our long national nightmare” might have been like for a kaleidoscopic gallery of characters, from ex-CIA man Howard Hunt to White House secretary Rosemary Woods to Pat Nixon—in love with another man.  Mallon’s other novels include Dewey Beats Truman and Fellow Travelers.