On the Run in Black America: KPFK 4/1

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What “getting tough on crime” has meant for one black community in Philadelphia
: sociologist ALICE GOFFMAN spent six years seeing the young black men around her stopped, searched, raided, and beaten by the police. Her book is ON THE RUN: Fugitive Life in an American City—it’s out now in paperback—it’s “astonishing—and riveting.” – New York Times Book Review.

How the Vietnam war redefined our nation: on the 50th anniversary of the start of the war,  CHRISTIAN APPY talks about the continuing struggles over its meaning and legacy. His new book is AMERICAN RECKINING: The Vietnam War and our National Identity.  READ Chris Appy at TheNation.com HERE

Why do intelligent people join Scientology—and why do they stay? Oscar-winning documentarian ALEX GIBNEY interviewed eight high-ranking people who left, and who provide some explanations. His documentary GOING CLEAR: SCIENTOLOGY and the Prison of Belief is playing on HBO now.
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