Oliver Sacks: Hallucinations in Topanga: KPFK 12/5

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OLIVER SACKS talks about seeing things, hearing voices, and his own experiences getting stoned in Topanga in the sixties.  He’s the legendary neurologist and wonderful  New Yorker essayist whose books include the classics The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat and Awakenings.  His new book is Hallucinations it’s eloquent, compassionate, and fascinating.  “Sacks deftly integrates literature, art, and medical history around his very human, often riveting, case histories“–Library Journal.

 Plus: Oliver Stone’s Untold History of the United States – it’s a 10-part documentary, running now on Showtime Mondays at 8 – and it’s also a big book, co-authored by historian Peter Kuznick.  Analyzing the American empire especially after WWII, it’s provocative, massively documented, and a necessary antidote to the mainstream media’s celebration of American triumphalism—
–and the book is our featured thank-you gift in the KPFK fund drive.