Occupy Wall Street: The Promise – KPFK 8/22

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The roots, the spirit, and the promise of Occupy Wall Street: TODD GITLIN
explains the most dynamic phenomenon in left politics in more than forty years.  “We are the 99 per cent!”  Todd is professor journalism and sociology at Columbia; his new book is OCCUPY NATION.

Plus: the new documentary film “We Women Warriors” follows three native women who are caught in the crossfire of Colombia’s warfare and who use nonviolent resistance to defend their people’s survival.  Filmmaker NICOLE KARSIN explains — the film is screening on LA August 24-30 at DocuWeeks at the Laemmle NoHo7.  WATCH the trailer HERE.

Also: Boom and bust in the new old west: RUBÉN MARTÍNEZ fled to the desert to escape his urban addictions.  What he found there was a world of devastating poverty and outrageous wealth, sublime beauty and ecological ruin.   His brutally honest new book is DESERT AMERICA.  “No book that I’ve read in the last 20 years has inspired so much genuine hope for the future of the West” -Mike Davis.