Obama’s Path: Clinton or Truman? KPFK Wed. 3/31

Obama can follow the example of Bill Clinton, move to the center, and “triangulate” between Democrats and Republicans.  Or Obama can follow the example of Harry Truman and become an effective partisan and a resolute progressive — That’s what ROBERT KUTTNER says – he’s founding co-editor of The American Prospect.

Also: Is Obama’s health care bill constitutional? 14 state attorney generals say it isn’t.   ERWIN CHEMERINSKY comments – he’s dean of the law school at UC Irvine.

Plus: TOM FRANK asks, When will the GOP stop whining about the ‘elites’? Glen Beck & Co. claim to be victims — of those darn liberals who control everything.  Tom is the author of What’s the Matter with Kansas? and he writes a column for the Wall Street Journal. He’s also founding editor of The Baffler. WATCH the TRAILER for the documentary “What’s the Matter with Kansas” HERE