Obama’s Jobs Program: KPFK Wed. 12/9

Obama’s jobs program: is the effort he announced yesterday big enough?  Is it good enough?  Does anyone feel good about the American economy right now–with the 2010 elections not so far away?  Also, the Senate Dems’ failure on the health care public option.   JOHN NICHOLS comments  — he writes “The Beat” blog at TheNation.com.

Also: DICK CHENEY won’t go away – he keeps giving interviews attacking Obama. BART GELLMAN comments – his award-winning book Angler: The Cheney Vice Presidency is out now in paperback.  (originally broadcast 5/6/09)

Plus: LIES — AND TRUTH – ABOUT 9/11: JOHN FARMER says the official version of what happened that day is “almost entirely . . . untrue.” But he’s no conspiracy theorist; he says Bush and Cheney turned out to be “irrelevant” that day.  Farmer is dean of the Rutgers Law School and was senior counsel to the 9/11 commission.  His new book is THE GROUND TRUTH: The Untold Story of America Under Attack on 9/11.