Obama’s 100 Days: Harold Meyerson – KPFK Wed 4/29

Obama’s Hundred Days: maybe you heard: he’s got wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, a deep recession, rising unemployment, a failed auto industry and escalating problems in health care, education, and energy. HAROLD MEYERSON will comment — he’s editor at large of The American Prospect and writes an op-ed column for the Washington Post.

Also: A forgotten Israeli advocate for Palestinian rights: in the mid-1950s Brandeis Professor Simon Rawidowicz called for an end to discrimination against Arab residents of Israel—and for the “right of return” of Arab refugees from 1948. But he never published his writings on the topic. Now they have been published in full by UCLA historian DAVID MYERS – he’s Director of the UCLA Center for Jewish Studies, and his new book is Between Jew and Arab: The Lost Voice of Simon Rawidowicz. “uncannily pertinent to the Jewish situation now”—Leon Wieseltier.

FRANK GEHRY: the architect and his creative process. BARBARA ISENBERG has been talking with Frank Gehry for twenty years – about how he came up with the design for Disney Hall, how his ties to artists have always been stronger than to architects, and how he keeps inspiration going at age 80. Barbara is a former staff reporter for the LA Times and the Wall Street Journal; she’s also written for Time, Esquire, and London’s Sunday Times. Her new book is Conversations with Frank Gehry.