May Day Special: KPFK 5/1

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Today is May Day
, international workers day, and we will celebrate with a special show: the biggest working class in the world is found in China – JEFF WASSERSTROM will review the situation there—he edited a special section of the new issue of Dissent on “China’s 99 Per Cent”, and his book China in the 21st Century: What Everyone Needs to Know is coming out in a new edition.

–and American radicals have a new voice, a magazine and website called JACOBIN –  editor and publisher BHASKAR SUNKARA will explain.  He also writes for In These Times, the Guardian, and other mags.

Also: a new biography of Karl Marx focuses on his work as a political activist and his life as a journalist and as a political exile in England.  We’ll speak with the author JONATHAN SPERBER  — he teaches history at the University of Missouri.
He talked about his book Karl Marx: A 19th Century Life on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart: watch HERE.