Live from Cairo: KPFK Wed. 2/9

MARK LEVINE reports live from Cairo on the day’s events in Tahrir Square, where Tuesday’s demonstrations were the biggest ever, perhaps 200,000 people.  Mark, a historian at UC Irvine, is the author of Heavy Metal Islam: Religion, Popular Culture and Resistance in the Middle East. His new piece about Egypt is in the Huffington Post, HERE.

Also: Justice and health for girls in prison: LESLIE OCOCA heads the National Girls Health and Justice Foundation.  Today 1 in 5 of the nearly two million youth being held in detention nationally are girls, many of whom have serious physical and mental health needs that are not treated adequately.

Plus: Obama and Egypt: Why won’t our president speak out for democracy when the Egyptians are risking their lives for it?  ARI BERMAN comments: he’s an investigative journalism fellow at The Nation Institute and he wrote about Obama and the Egyptians for The Nation HERE.