Life & Loathing in Israel: KPFK 11/6

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A fearless report on Israel from award-winning journalist MAX BLUMENTHAL, who shows how the occupation is destroying democracy and civil liberties for Israelis as well as Palestinians.  His work has been published in the New York Times, the Guardian, and The Nation. He wrote the bestseller Republican Gomorrah.  His new book is GOLIATH: Life and Loathing in Greater Israel.

Also: a memoir of Polish-Jewish reconciliation: LOUISE STEINMAN found light on a dark journey, visiting Holocaust sites, learning about 800 years of Polish-Jewish history, and then finding Poles seeking the truth about the not-so-distant past.  Her new book is THE CROOKED MIRROR
She will be in conversation with Jack Miles at the ALOUD series at the downtown LA Public Library Thurs 7:15pm: info HERE.  READ the Crooked Mirror blog HERE.

Plus: JOHNNY CASH: the unvarnished truth about “the man in black,” a musical genius who was humbled by addicition.  ROBERT HILBURN has written the definitive biography; the music critic for the LA Times knew Cash well and was the only music journalist at the legendary Folsom Prison concert in 1968.  His new book is Johnny Cash: The Life. Playlist: “Folsom Prison Blues” live;  “I Walk the Line” “Hurt.”  Watch the “HURT” video HERE.