Life in the Ruins: Amy Wilentz on Haiti–KPFK 1/16

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Haiti Since the Earthquake: AMY WILENTZ
reports on life in the ruins, and on the failures (and occasional successes) of relief and recovery efforts.  Fact: most of the $379 million initially allocated by the US for aid to Haiti after the earthquake did not go to Haiti or Haitians; one-third went to the US military.  Amy’s magnificent new book is FAREWELL FRED VOODOO: A Letter from HaitiREAD Amy’s new report from Haiti in The Nation HERE ;
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Plus: TOM FRANK on the secret behind Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln: historian Doris Kearns Goodwyn—“uninspiring to the point of boredom.”  So how did her work come to define our era?  Tom wrote about Spielberg and Goodwyn for his Harper’s column this month, HERE.

Also: the My Lai massacre was not an isolated incident; millions of innocent Vietnamese civilians were killed and wonded by American forces—“a My Lai a month” is what award-winning reporter NICK TURSE calls it.  His decade of research in secret Pentagon archives and interviews with vets and Vietnamese are the basis of his important new book, KILL ANYTHING THAT MOVES: The Real American War in  Vietnam.