Laurence Tribe on Hobby Lobby: KPFK 7/2

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The Supremes and the Hobby Lobby
ruling on the “religious freedom” of  corporations: we’ll have comment from LAURENCE TRIBE, he’s taught constitutional law at Harvard for 40 years, and he argued Bush v. Gore at the Supreme Court.  His new book is UNCERTAIN JUSTICE: The Roberts Court and the Constitution.

Plus: Gay marriage is legal in more states every day.  Does that mean the LGBT equality movement is almost over?  REBECCA ISAACS says marriage equality “will not make our streets and our communities safe and free from violence. It will not make our military, our prisons, our immigration system, or our healthcare inclusive and just.”  Rebecca is executive director of the Equality Federation and writes for The Advocate.

Also: LALO ALCARAZ is an artist, writer, and author of the comic La Cucaracha, the first nationally syndicated, politically themed Latino daily comic strip: now Lalo has a new book out—his third: A Most Imperfect Union, a “contrarian history of the US,” co-authored by Ilan Stavans.  Lalo also hosts KPFK’s “Pocho Hour of Power.”