“Ladies, Don’t Fall for Moderate Mitt!” KPFK 10/31

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“Ladies, don’t fall for Moderate Mitt!”
– that’s KATHA POLLITT’s advice.  She’s a poet, essayist and columnist for The Nation.  PS from Katha:  “Did I mention that the gender gap is huge this year?”

“Mitt Romney’s America is the America that was, HAROLD MEYERSON says.  “Barack Obama’s America is the America that will be…. And the distance between the two is greater, perhaps, than in any election we’ve had since the Civil War.”  Harold writes a column for the Washington Post op-ed page and is editor-at-large of The American Prospect, where he reported recently on politics in Florida.

Plus: ERWIN CHEMERINSKY on the Supremes: “If Romney wins, we can expect a frighteningly conservative high court. A victory for Obama could mean a liberal majority for the first time since 1969.”  Erwin is founding dean of the Law School at UC Irvine and wrote recently for the LA Times op-ed page.