ART SPIEGELMAN, who won the Pulitzer prize for Maus, a Holocaust story, has a new graphic book out: In the Shadow of No Towers — a Sept. 11 story that is both highly personal and intensely political. “I hadn’t anticipated that the hijackings of September 11 would themselves be hijacked by the Bush cabal that reduced it all to a war recruitment poster.”

Plus: GISH JEN: her new novel, The Love Wife, is a candid, delightful and imaginative story about cultural collisions in one Asian-American family.

Also: Dick Cheney debated on TV last night — JOHN NICHOLS of The Nation magazine comments on “the man who is president.” John writes The Online Beat column for The Nation; his new book is Dick: the Man Who is President.

WEB EXTRA: SEE drawings about 9-11 from Art Spiegelman’s new book: