KATHA POLLITT, columnist for The Nation, considers the question, “What’s wrong with women — this week?” Last week the complaint was that women weren’t good at science; this week they’re too timid to write op-ed columns.

Also: A memoir about sexual hypocrisy and political corruption: LIPSTICK JIHAD describes an Iranian-American woman’s trip to Tehran to consider the failure of Iran’s Islamic Revolution. Author AZADEH MOAVENI will be live-in studio.

Plus: BOB DYLAN‘s Chronicles Volume 1 is a surprising and wonderful memoir — of the eager unknown trying to make it in the Village, and the beleaguered superstar of the late 1960s. We’ll have comment from Princeton historian SEAN WILENTZ — he’s historian in residence at the official website, and was nominated for a Grammy for his liner notes to the album Bob Dylan Live 1964.
Listen to Sean Penn reading Bob Dylan’s Chronicles

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