KPFK Wed. June 29: Bush, Schwarzenegger & King Tut

HAROLD MEYERSON comments on the Bush speech defending the war Tuesday night — and on Donald Rumsfeld’s remark on Fox News Sunday that the war may go on for “eight, 10, 12 years.” Harold writes for the LA Weekly, The American Prospect, and the Washington Post op-ed page.

Also: GARY INDIANA explains Arnold Schwarzenegger’s rise to power. His new book is The Schwarzenegger Syndrome — it’s a witty and biting travelogue through the intersection of celebrity culture and American political life. Gary has published six novels; his essays have appeared in the Village Voice, the London Review of Books, and the LA Times Book Review.

Plus: Art and power in L.A.: CHRISTOPHER KNIGHT of the LA Times talks about the scandal at the Getty, the world’s richest art institution, over the lavish pay and perks for its CEO Barry Munitz — and about LACMA‘s King Tut show, which is now going on a 24/7 schedule to accomodate the crowds.

more stuff to read: In The Nation this week, Jon Wiener asks why Alan Dershowitz, famed defender of the First Amendment, wrote Gov. Schwarzenegger asking him to intervene in the publication of a book criticizing Dershowitz. The book is Norman Finkelstein’s Beyond Chutzpah.